Services offeres by OJB

Saut en tandem

260 €

Tandem + Vidéo

340 €

Saut d'initiation

400 €

PAC + 4 sauts solo

1252 €

hors assurance et licence

Brevet A

PAC 6 sauts + 9 sauts solo
1442 €

hors assurance et licence

Plane seat 4200 m : 28 € | by 50 : 26.5 € | by 100 : 25 €
Parachute location : 10 € | by 50 : 8.5 € | by 100 : 7 €


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Tandem skydive

Our instructors train you and bring you to 4200m high with 2 persons parachute to safely discover the free fall. Initiation to piloting the sail in order to land 7 or 8 minutes later. POssibility to be accompanied by a cameram who will film you and provide you a lasting memory to share.

Medical certificate required, less than 95kg, from 15 years old (with both parents autorisation)

Initiaton skydive


Discover parachutism in its whole…
Half day of formation then you will embark in the plane with 2 instructors : 4200m high, 1 minute of accompanied free fall. One instructor stays in contact with you while the other film you. Then, sailing for 7 to 8 minutes with a radio guidance and landing. This skydive allows you to move towards a complete training : the PAC class.

Medical certificate required, less than 100kg, from 15 years old (with both parents autorisation)

PAC class (Accompanied progression to free fall class)

It’s a comprehensice class which will allow you to enjoy independent free fall sailing and folding. After the theorical class, you will make for first jump accompanied with 2 instructors.
The 5 other jumps will be supervised by one moniteur only who will teach you the security and the practice of free fall.
After the 6th jump and the instructor’s validation, you will enjoy your first solo jump.
All jumps are filmed in order to adapt our teaching approach and validated on your personal jump book.

Medical certificate required, less than 100kg, from 15 years old (with both parents autorisation)

Skydiving certificate


From 6€ per person and per night


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